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'CINEC Logistics and Transport Alumni (CLTA) is an important association in Sri Lanka that emerged through CINEC campus which is the logistics pioneer in Sri Lanka. Regardless of the degree or course that students have pursued within CINEC premises, CLTA will support students to stay connected with the Alma Mater and to each other while creating dynamic, inspiring, and talented alumni community.

We believe that your experiences gained after graduation as a professional person will help to play all around as well as will support CINEC undergraduates to realise reach of logistics industry too. Further, CLTA Alumni will commit to serve our CINEC Campus by organising events and activities that will foster better relations within its community, stay in touch and reconnect with friends you have lost touch since you graduated and finally be an alumnus for life.'


To be an influential as a widest spread Alumni association to assist in developing the progress of the membership in producing better and the community at range.


To strengthen, promote and foster the relationship amongst the University management undergraduates, Alumni members and develop the general wellbeing of the students, Alumni, University, community and the parent organization


Objectives of the Association shall be as follows,

1. To encourage, foster and promote close relations between the University, Undergraduates and its alumni and among the alumni themselves
2. To conduct the projects, activities and events which is related to welfare for the benefits of the student of the university
3. To promote, in the alumni body, an interest in the affairs and well-being of the university
4. To assist and support the efforts of the University in obtaining funds for development
5. To serve as a medium through which alumni may support and advance the pursuit of academic excellence at the University
6. To provide and disseminate/circulate information regarding the University, its graduates, Faculties and students to the alumni.
7. To ensure that programs are initiated and developed for the benefit, to guide and to assist the alumni such as to obtain employment and to engage in productive pursuits useful to society
8. To pursue any other objectives consistent with the above aims and objectives of the Association.
9. To promote positive image of Alumni among fellow Sri Lankans.


1. Integrity
2. Innovation
3. Care
4. Proactive
5. Exceptional
6. Loyalty


Chairman / Managing Director - CINEC Campus
Faculty of Management, Humanities and Social Sciences


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